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At Seashell Services my goal is to take care of your online world so that you can focus on your business. Perhaps you’re a busy salon owner who doesn’t have time to be checking your phone all day when you’re meeting with clients. Maybe you’re a store owner with a million other tasks on your to-do list ahead of creating content and posting it. Whoever you are and whatever you do I want to free your time up so you can truly enjoy focusing on what you love doing and let the rest follow. My services can include creating content, posting your content, monitoring and growing your online community, replying to messages, coordinating appointments and supporting sales.

It’s all about giving you your time back.

Think of me as the social presence and virtual assistant dedicated to growing your businesses and cheering you on.

Every service is absolutely customized to your exact needs – don’t get stuck in to a package that doesn’t fit your business. To develop your customized solutions get in touch today!


From content development to content distribution I’m here to help you visualize how you’ll tell the story of your business.

Your Voice

You have a story to tell and a message to share. I’m an excellent writer. Let me help you shine.

Community Building

We’re all seeking connections and community. Let me help you build and attract your community.

Being Social & Making a Sale

Increasingly we are living our lives online, and the global pandemic has only increased the rate at which we are transferring our in-person interactions to virtual ones. Even though some days it looks and feels extremely different it’s important to remember that what we’re doing online has direct parallels to “real life”, and therefore we…

Building your Community Layers

Community is at the centre of so much that we do, and we are constantly finding new ways to build communities around ourselves. We are now participating in multiple communities. We have our immediate neighbourhoods. Then we have our local towns or cities. In larger cities we might think of our neighbourhood as being a…

Buzz Word: Authenticity

Authenticity is the buzzword of the moment. To be honest, it’s been in the spotlight for a little while now with growing momentum and meaning. With everyone living so much of our lives online there’s a widespread understanding that we’re all curating what everyone else sees. We are selecting images, videos, settings, outfits and every…

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