I am an ambitious professional with a unique background that includes project management at a Canadian University, administration roles in the financial and education industries, and marketing for small businesses and non-profits.

Ultimately I’ve discovered my passion is in helping people, and my talents are in communications and marketing. This is how Seashell Services came to be.

Seashell Services comes from the idea that small businesses deserve high-quality content and social media support they can afford. Furthermore, they deserve to receive these services from someone who is just as passionate about their success as they are.

Big agencies are expensive and ultimately lack the personal connection of a small, boutique operation like Seashell Services. Not only does this mean they don’t have the opportunity to know you as I do, it means that they don’t have the ability to truly customize every aspect of your service. They have model and they’ll fit your business in to it. At Seashell for Business I build a strategy and plan that is precisely customized to you and your needs.

You will have my personal contact information and my personal attention. Nothing is outsourced, and nothing is cookie-cutter. That’s what enables me to create powerful branding and meaningful community growth for you. The truth is I’m as invested in the success of your business as you, I’m personally and professionally rooting for you, and I’m on your team.

You also have the advantage of picking and choosing tasks you enjoy doing, and tasks you want to outsource to me. If you hate sitting at the computer or spending a lot of time on your phone I can handle basically everything digital. If you love posting but hate dealing with comments and messages – or have more than you keep up with while doing other tasks – you can have me help in a specific area, and on a specific set of tasks.

I never trap you in a contract or pressure you to pay for a plan with elements that won’t benefit you and your business. You will work with me personally to create a plan to exactly meets your needs.

Get in touch and we can get started today!

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