Being Social & Making a Sale

Increasingly we are living our lives online, and the global pandemic has only increased the rate at which we are transferring our in-person interactions to virtual ones. Even though some days it looks and feels extremely different it’s important to remember that what we’re doing online has direct parallels to “real life”, and therefore weContinue reading “Being Social & Making a Sale”

Building your Community Layers

Community is at the centre of so much that we do, and we are constantly finding new ways to build communities around ourselves. We are now participating in multiple communities. We have our immediate neighbourhoods. Then we have our local towns or cities. In larger cities we might think of our neighbourhood as being aContinue reading “Building your Community Layers”

Buzz Word: Authenticity

Authenticity is the buzzword of the moment. To be honest, it’s been in the spotlight for a little while now with growing momentum and meaning. With everyone living so much of our lives online there’s a widespread understanding that we’re all curating what everyone else sees. We are selecting images, videos, settings, outfits and everyContinue reading “Buzz Word: Authenticity”