All of my services are incredibly custom. I never charge you for services you don’t need, and I never create unnecessary packages. Below are some suggestions to start the process, but ultimately once we discuss your needs I’ll send you a quote with some custom packages designed to fit your business, and your budget.

Consulting & Strategy Sessions

Starting can sometimes be the most overwhelming part. I provide consulting and strategy sessions to launch your brainstorming process and refine your ideas in to a workable plan. I can empower you to take what we build and run with it, minimizing your cost and maximizing your effectiveness.

Ongoing Support

This can look a lot of different ways, such as having me develop monthly content plans, create content to compliment those plans and check in with you on the performance of the strategy, ultimately giving you the tool kit but leave the work to you. You can also utilize ongoing support by working with me on a regular schedule of activities you need me to handle so that you can focus elsewhere.

Carmen, Take the Wheel

Ready to just wash your hands of all things digital marketing and have someone else figure it out? Don’t worry! I know how you feel and I’m here to help. I can develop plans and content in partnership with you and then execute those plans while reporting the results back to you on a weekly or monthly basis. I can even help you launch a website similar to this one!

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